Pujas & Rituals

Buddhist rituals, known as pujas, take place regularly at She Drup Ling. Puja means “worship” or “devotion“. Usually it is an offering ritual. In the simplest case, the offering consists of flowers and incense and is usually accompanied by prayers.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the practitioner also connects to a specific Buddha aspect through visualisations and meditation. Pujas can be held privately or in public.
It is considered particularly meritorious to perform pujas on Buddhist holidays.

Whether you are a practitioner or just curious, you are warmly invited to participate in our pujas! No registration necessary.

Tara Purification Night on Tue, 30.4.

As part or our City Retreat of the 21 Taras, Ani Losang Palmo will lead us in a Tara Purification night. Even if you do not participate in the retreat you can join the Tara Night:

  • Tara Night 1. session 18.00-20.30
  • Tara Night 2. session 22.00-24.00
  • Tara Night 3. session (on Wed) 01.00-03.00
  • Tara Night 4. session (on Wed) 04.00-06.00

On Wednesday morning, we clean up after the practice and go for breakfast together.

Regular Pujas & Rituals

White Tara Puja

When: every Saturday, 08.00 – 09.00
Lead by: Michael Aldrian
White Tara is also called the “Mother of all Buddhas”. She symbolises healing and long life. We celebrate the puja and Tsok (food offering) according to the transmission lineage of Ven. Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche

New Moon and Full Moon Pujas

When: each day at full moon and new moon, 17.30 – 18.30
Lead by: Barbara Klell, Manfred Klell, Silvia Freidinger
These days are considered to be very favourable for practising. This is why we meet for meditation on different Buddha aspects. At full moon we meet at the Stupa in Volksgarten park in Graz.

Medicine Buddha Puja

When: on the 8th day of the tibetan calender, 17.30 – 18.15
Lead by: Ulrike Holzer, Barbara Klell
The Buddha is frequently called the „Great Physician“ because he aims at healing us with his teachings from the disease of suffering.

21 Taras Practice Group

When: on the first Sunday each month, 14.30 – 15.30
Lead by: Stella and Tara Klell
We practice with the sadhana of the 21 Taras of Ven. Lodrö Tulku Rinpoche which we also recite with Venerable Losang Palmo during the 21 Tara Retreats..

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In each session, we decide on three or four of the 21 emanations of Tara to meditate upon. The sadhana is in German. Those who are interested in practising long term are advised to receive a 21 Taras empowerment from an authentic Lama.

We ask for a donation between € 10 und € 5.