Within our City-Retreats of the 21 Taras Ani Losang Palmo will hold an introductory talk on How can the feminine power of the 21 Taras help us in this day and age? Everyone is invited to join for this public talk. Afterwards, last-minute participants can still register for the retreat, which starts on Saturday.

There is no registration necessary. Please note that the talk will be held in German.
Recommended donation is € 25 – € 20 per person.

Monthly Talks: Introduction to the Foundations of Buddhisms

Talks on Buddhist Teachings and Practices
by Mag. Michael Aldrian

During the school year, Mag. Michael Aldrian gives a lecture on the foundations of Buddhism every first Saturday of the month which he ends with a short meditation. Online participation is also possible, the ZOOM link will be sent to you after registration.

PLEASE NOTE: The talks will be held in German.

It is recommended to attend all lectures of this series. However, newcomers are always welcome.

Financial contribution: voluntary donation, recommended € 20,- to € 15,-

Karma: Personal Responsibility and the Roots of Wholesome Actions
 Sat, 13. April, 10.00 – 12.00

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The words of the Buddha: Wholesome follows wholesome, unwholesome follows unwholesome. Causes and conditions that we are unable to influence provide the background of our life. Our actions result in positive as well as negative effects.

It is our own responsibility how much or how little suffering we experience in this life.

Bodhi: Awakening, Practised Mysticism, Unconditional Love
 Sat, 18. May, 10.00 – 12.00

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All sentient beings have the potential for awakening.  The experience of awakening (bodhi) frees you from all confusion.

Buddha, the ‘Awakened One’, remained and taught in this state of buddhahood and touched many of his contemporaries by his unconditional love.

Bhavana: The Daily Practice of Wisdom and Compassion
 Sat, 15. June, 10.00 – 12.00

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Bhavana is Buddha’s call to cultivate the mind.

This is done on three levels: first the observance of ethical principles (sila), followed by persistent meditative practice (samadhi), and culminating in the unintentional appearance of primordial wisdom (prajna).

Through this threefold practice, we accustom ourselves to a wholesome way of life.